Premiered on NBC's SONGLAND

Backstory: We were planning to shoot an epic video for the song CHAMPAGNE NIGHT — concept and crew were already locked in — but the lovely ‘Rona had other plans. Our shoot was canceled and we quickly pivoted to something wayyy different, we needed something that we could pull off while quarantined. But I didn’t want to settle for a lyric video since I thought the song was serving 🔥

With a concept approved and a week left until our airdate, the crew and I Zoom’d with each cast member (26 ppl but kept 8 in the final) to set up camera placements and describe the angles / performance we needed. They learned the song in a day, shot the next day, and on the following we collected footage from 26 different phones (semi nightmare!) but thank goodness for a brilliant crew.

The idea was to create something fun and bright to watch in these darkish days. So hopefully we did that!

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